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F-Machine Gigolo vs the F-Machine Pro What's the difference

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F-Machine Gigolo Product Support 

We often get the question on the difference between the new F-Machine Gigolo and the F- Machine Pro exclusively from Cloud 9 Novelties. To start each machine is manufactured by F-Machine including a one year ull consumer warranty.

F- Machine Product Comparison Gigolo vs the F-Machine Pro 

                                               F-Machine Pro                                         F-Machine Gigolo

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Suggested User Profile Professional/Experienced (power) Amateur/Beginners (versatility)
Motor Specification Industrial Specification - 24 volt dc, 60 Watt Industrial Specification - 24 volt dc, 40 Watt
Motor Soft Start Yes No
Motor Speed ~ 0-240 rpm ~ 0-240 rpm
Motor Stall Safety Cutout No Yes
Quick Change Crank Arm Yes Yes
Crank Mechanism Style External Enclosed
Thruster Travel 1-6" 1-4"
Thruster Rod Style Adjustable length Fixed length
Handset/Controller Type Wired Handset Radio Control Handset
Slider Mechanism Industrial Twin Rod Construction - virtually silent Industrial Twin Rod Construction - virtually silent
Slider Bearings Industrial Specification - low friction PTFE filled plastic Industrial Specification - low friction plastic
Chassis CNC Aluminium 6061 Billet Extruded Aluminium 6061 body
Leg Style Twin leg - Front/Back Revolutionary Mono-leg Design
Power Supply Hand Switchable 110V / 240V - 50-60Hz Autosensing 110V-240V / 50-60Hz
Power Lead Style Interchangeable C13 style 'kettle lead' Interchangeable C13 style 'kettle lead'
Angle Versatility Horizontal +/- 40 degrees Virtually unlimited range, including near vertical
Backlighting n/a Blue LEDs
Packaging Colour carton inside plain brown shipping carton Colour carton inside plain brown shipping carton
Accessories Supplied Vac-U-Lock style adapter Vac-U-Lock style adapter
  8" Black Dong 8" Black Dong
Compatible F-Machine accessories Rocky, Anchor, USB Anchor, USB


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