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How to Secure your F-Machine or F-Machine Gigolo from sliding during use

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Question: How can I secure my F-Machine from sliding around during use.

Answer: Secure the F-Machine or F-Machin Gigolo with the Anchor Pro  Accessory Suction Cup

The Anchor is a genius concept to prevent your F-Machine sliding around on smooth surfaces. Utilising an extremely powerful plate glass suction cup, those ever pervy engineers at F-Machine have designed a super quick method to lock down your F-Machine

This new item is coming soon to our site and will be available for shipment in 30 days.

See pictures of the F-Machine, F-Machine Gigolo in use below solving the issue with properly securing your F-Machine for the ultimate use.

"This is not an ordinary suction cup, this device has been engineered by F-Machine and is the same heavy duty commercial plate glass suction cup for maximum holding power" 


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