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How to attach and set up your F-Machine USB (Universal Suction Bracket)

F-MAchine bracker F-MAchine Suction bracket F-Machine USB How to attach and set up your F-Machine USB (Universal Suction Bracket)

How to attach your F-Machine USB accessory for use with dildos


All F-Machines are supplied with a Vac-u-Lock style adapter as standard, which are compatible with Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock dildos and toys.

F-Machine brings you the brand new Universal Suction Base (USB). This revolutionary bolt on system integrates your favourite suction (/flared) base sex toys with either your F-Machine Pro II or Gigolo. With this fantastic innovation from the pervy engineers at F-Machine, you can now choose which style of toy to use on your machine and discover new possibilities for sexual play & fantasy.

F-Machine USB Adaptor for Dildos

  • Designed to fit all F-Machine 10 mm thrust rods
  • Injection moulded from shatter proof plastic composite material
  • Over-moulded brass threaded insert for maximum durability and holding capacity
  • Option of dildo retention via suction, O-rings or Velcro straps (or combination)
  • Fits dildos with suction base diameter up to 88 mm (when installed)
  • Supplied with a comprehensive O-ring set and range of Velcro straps to fit most dildo sizes
  • Can be used with Double Trouble or Rocky

Please note: F-Machine fucking machine and toys are not included (for illustration purposes only).


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