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How to use F-Machine accessories for the best performance

F-Machine Accesoories F-Machine Accessory hook up F-MAchine bracker F-Machine USB How to use Accessories F-Machine

You've made an investment in the best engineered sex machine, f- machine and f-machine gigolo. Get the best performance and flexibility from your machine with the authorized genuine f-machine accessories for sale.

How To use The F-Machine Adapters

F-Machine Double Trouble Hardware Attachment  - For the lady who simply cannot get enough of her machine, Double Trouble allows the user to install her two favorite vac-u-lock toys at once for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. (Please note that the Double Trouble does not include dildos)

  1. Screw the Double Trouble Adapter into the end of the trust rod
  2. Screw the toy adapters into the Double Trouble base and tighten with the included 6mm allen key
  3. Both toys can move up or down within the adapter to allow for best desired user positioning
  4. Slide both toys onto the Double Trouble Adapter
  5. The Double Trouble is now ready to use on your machine




F-Machine Rocky Masturbator AttachmentRocky is a revolutionary f-machine accessory designed to vigorously masturbate the male penis via a male sex toy. For the extreme adventurer, it also has an option for simultaneous anal play. Mount Rocky to your f-machine f-rod by sliding the f-rod through the small hole at the base of the CNC main body (you will need to remove the Vac-U-Lock barb).

Rocky F-Machine Adaptor

1. Once aligned in approximately the correct position, tighten the lower thumbscrew to lock Rocky on to the f-rod. Note: the CNC main body should be perpendicular to the ground or the surface the f-machine is resting on.

2. Mount the masturbator to the carrier using the Velcro straps. (If you are using an anal toy, it’s also time to mount this using the Vac-U-Lock ‘barb’ so replace the barb if you have not already done so).

3. Position yourself under the carrier and adjust the carrier height position (various height holes within CNC main body) and also adjust the carrier position in relation to the CNC main body by sliding it backwards or forwards as required until you have everything in the desired location

4. Loosen the 2 thumb wheels to allow the carrier to slide back and forth then lock into position. You will be able to make other adjustments on the fly easily enough to perfect all the angles.



Anchor Suction Cup  - The Anchor is a genius concept to prevent your F-machine from sliding around on smooth surfaces. Utilizing an extremely powerful plate glass suction cup the Anchor is a super quick method to lock down your F-machine. 

1. Scrub the surface with a household cleaner, rinse and dry thoroughly. 

2. Rinse the inside of the suction cup under warm water then shake off the excess water. 

3. Apply firm pressure to the center of the mount. What you are doing, and want to do, is to push   all of the trapped air between the mount and the flat surface underneath the mount. 

4.Once secure, press locking arm down until it snaps into place firmly and doesn’t move


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