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Raquel Roper Review the Rocking Chair F-Slider

F Slider F Slider Rocking Sex Chair Product Support F- Machine Rachel Roper F Slider Review Raquel Roper F Slider

  • F-Slider Rocking Sex Chair about the product, watch the full un boxing and video review from Raquel Roper on the Cloud 9 F-Slider
    • Heavy Duty Sex Chair, Supports Up to 300 lbs
    • Depth and Angle Adjustment for Perfect Penetration
    • Compatible With All Harness Ready Dildos
    • Includes Vac-u-lock Adapter, Universal Dildo Attachment, 7" Dildo and Lube
    • Made in the USA


    F-Slider Pro Self Pleasuring Chair uses your Natural Body Movement to control Penetration

    Easy to Hold Handle

    The F-Slider includes a comfortable handle for easy grip during play. This handle is ideal for solo or couples play while sliding. You rock your hips forward and the F-Slider transfers your body momentum into an upward thrust of pleasure. Rocking backward and forward withdraws the dildo for hands-free pleasure.

    Smooth and Quiet Operation

    The F-Slider features the smoothest whisper quiet operation. The high quality ball bearing construction provides a smooth and consistent pleasure slide for every penetration. The F-Slider has fluid and controllable motion with little effort to maximize your pleasure with fully interchangeable dildos.

    Fully Adjustable Depth and Penetration

    The F-Slider allows full adjustments for both depth and angle of penetration during play. You can control thrusting depth and speed with your own natural movements. You also have the ability to control the angle of entry for the dildo. The F-Slider provides complete hands- free penetration with your own body movements.

    Comfortable Over-sized Cushioned Chair

    The wide comfortable seat provides the perfect position for exact please with penetration The Wide Comfortable Seat is rated at 300 pounds and is made for pleasure. Built with heavy-duty components for a lifetime of pleasure.

    Vacu-Lock Adapter Included

    Each F-Slider comes with a Vac-U Lock adapter for Vac-U-Lock dildos. Fully compatible with Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock dildos. This adapter easily slides into the F-Slider mount for quick dildo change at play.

    Universal Dildo Adapter Includer

    Use any suction cup mount dildo with the F-Slider. This universal mount allows attachment of any suction cup mount dildo for maximum flexibility

    Bonus Starter Kit Included

    Each F-Slider comes with a Bonus 3 PC Starter kit, including a Vac-U-Lock Adapter, Universal Dildo Mount and 7 inch Realistic Dildo.

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