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Anal and Vaginal Cleansing Kits

Maintaining good sexual hygiene adds to the whole hygiene of your body. Anal sex requires preparation. Couples need to clean their bodies and rid themselves of any filth surrounding the anal cavity. Sweat, fecal matter and bacteria can accumulate and cause foul smells and infections. 

  • Tip One: Showering is not always your best option. Most showers will eliminate filth and smells from the exterior of the body—but not the interior. Showering will not rid any fecal matter still lingering inside the anal cavity.
  • Tip Two: Ditch the soap. Cleaning the anal cavity is done best with room-temperature water—not soap. During anal, soap residue will irritate the skin and the penis. Any small rips to the anal cavity can cause further inflammation.
  • Tip Three: Use room-temperature water only. When douching, warm water will burn and agitate the skin. Best to avoid hot water.
  • Tip Four: Use a douche or an enema for better results. Douches and enemas cleanse the anal cavity to eliminate filth, and both provide easy setup and cleanup for couples.