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Cloud 9 Fresh + Premium Water Bottle & Douche Kit

$ 20.90 $ 49.95
Cloud 9 Fresh Plus, 2 Quart Deluxe Water Bottle Kit. This home Water Bottle Kit can be used for vaginal or anal cleansing. This kit makes preparing for anal or vaginal intercourse quick and simple. The included bonus cap allows you to use your water bottle kit without attachments for the relief of muscle aches and sports injuries. The Cloud 9 water bottle is made of premium, durable rubber and holds approximately 2 quarts of liquid. The soft nozzles allows for exact water dispersion for cleaning. How to use The Cloud 9 Fresh Plus Deluxe Water Bottle Kit is completely safe and brings great results in the comfort of your own home. Simply fill the rubber water bottle with warm water by attaching the extended hose adapter and nozzle included. Care and cleaning. Thoroughly clean The Cloud 9 Deluxe Water Bottle Kit before and after each use. You can wash it with antibacterial soap or use Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner. Store in a cool, dry place after cleaning.

Specifications: use as a vaginal douche or anal cleaner. Hot water bottle can be used as a remedy for aches, pains, and sports injuries. Holds approximately 2 quarts of liquid. 5 feet flexible hose. Comfort nozzles: 2 Inch tip and 5 inch tip. Body safe ABS plastic nozzles. Durable rubber water bottle. Wide opening for easy filling. Ribbed outer surfaces helps to maintain liquid temperature. Hanging hook and shut off clamp included with 2 adapters. One year consumer warranty. 19. Bulk images coming soon.

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