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Cloud 9 Usb 1 Port Adapter Charger For Vibrators

$ 9.90
Cloud 9 USB 1 Port Adapter Charger for Vibrator. This UL Listed USB charger is specifically designed to be used with USB Vibrators requiring a replacement charger. UL listed USB charger with 5 Volt output, color white. The power adapter sits securely against the wall socket and the USB port fits snugly with the cables. Travel friendly. With global voltage compatibility (100 Volt to 240 Volt), compact portable design, you can charge whatever you want perfect companion for vibrators, smartphones, and tablets or any other digital devices. (charging cable is not included).

Features: UL Listed Universal USB Charger. Output 5V 2A. USB Connector Type. 1 Port Home Wall Charger Plug. Lightweight and easy to use. Great for travel. Length 2.0 inches, 2.7 inches width, 4.5 inches height. 18. Front made primary.

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