Cloud 9 Novelties Air Touch Product Review from Miss Annablle

Miss Annabelle Reviews: The Air Touch!

The Rabbit Vibrator is not new news – in fact, rabbit vibrators have been around since 1983 thanks to Vibratex. But in 2015 the sex toy game was changed up with the introduction of The Womanizer – an oral simulator for women; a toy with suction! Suction toys have lately been a hit with women everywhere and Cloud 9 has found a way to combine suction, penetration and vibration.  Enter the Air Touch!

Cloud 9 Novelties Air Touch

The Air Touch 1 and 2 are both fantastic toys, with minor differences in shape. Both are covered in a satin silicone, which makes use and cleaning smooth and easy. The Air Touch 1’s body is straight, with a slight bulb at the end; whereas the Air Touch 2 is more curved, with an ergonomic handle that allows the user to hold it a little easier. The Air Touch 2 is designed with your G – Spot in mind.

There are three buttons towards the bases of the toys- the top button being the on/off, the middle button operating the vibration of the shaft, and the bottom controlling the suction of the clitoral piece. There are 12 vibration patterns- low, medium, and high straight vibration speeds; plus nine pulsation patterns- and 12 suction patterns. With three easy buttons, you can control the vibration separate from the gentle sucking, have one on without the other, or crank it up to maximum power! Talk about a job well done from Cloud 9!

The vibrations of the shaft are strong and deep, so even someone who may be picky with their vibes can enjoy this toy! The suction clitoral piece is large enough to accommodate many different clitoral sizes, and is flexible enough to conform to the body with ease.

And to top it all off? Both the Air Touch 1 and 2 are rechargeable! So no worrying about digging through the junk drawer or stealing from the TV remote! And these toys are waterproof, so shower play is definitely encouraged!

If you’ve never tried a suction toy or if you have but you’re looking for something with a little bit “extra”, pick up the air touch. If you like clitoral encasement for your stimulation or sensations similar to oral sex, this toy is a great bet. At  USD $89.99, it won’t bust the bank, but it will bring you to Cloud 9!



Miss Annabelle