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Everything about Cloud 9 Premium Vibrators encourages couples to have the confidence to explore and express their sexual desires. These adult toys are offered in colors and sizes that are inviting to both males and females. All Cloud 9 Premium Vibrators feature premium phthalate free materials.

Special Types of Vibrators include:

  • Gentle Heating 
  • Double Touch  for nipples and vaginal play
  • Clitoral Suction 
  • Warming G spot 
  • Gyrating Shaft

Why use a vibrator?  Vibrators can spice things up.  It can be fun to watch your partner use a vibrator or have your partner control how the vibrator is used on you.

  • Vibrators feel good.  Vibrators tickle the nerves and build great tension in the genitals, which feels fantastic when it is released.
  • They are efficient.  If a woman (or man, for that matter) feels a little too tired but still wants to have pleasure, a vibrator can help get the job done without much effort.
  • They help a woman understand her body.  Stimulation with a vibrator can help a woman figure out just how much stimulation and where she needs it to have a good orgasm.  
  • Different types can help someone explore all sorts of orgasm.  There are vibrators for clitoral, G-spot, and anal play.
  • Vibrators can help a man explore his genitals, too. A man can use a vibrator on the underside of his penis to help him become erect or to have orgasm
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