Cloud 9 Novelties Affiliate Program

Join the Cloud 9 Novelties VIP Sex Toy Reviewers Club

Become part of the Cloud 9 Novelties VIP Sex Toy Reviewers Club. Participate in this growing industry with your own personal blog and reviews. As an approved Cloud 9 Novelties Sex Toy Reviewer you can participate in our product review program, in which you have the opportunity to receive a sample for an honest review on your blog post or web site.

Cloud 9 Novelties Affilate Program

VIP Club Benefits

  • *Get all new releases early for your personal review. You will receive the newest releases from Cloud 9 Novelties.
  • *VIP invites to all Cloud 9 Novelties Promotions
  • *Advertising exposure on JRL Charts with your brand with a custom link
  • *Free Cloud 9 University training
  • *Generous commissions are available (15%) with our affiliate program

  • Custom Link Backs

  • *All approved affiliates are linked back in our Affiliate Bloggers section of *Cloud 9
  • *All approved affiliates are linked back in our JRL Charts Bloggers section
  • Cloud 9 Novelties Affilate Program

    Join our Cloud 9 Novelties Team

    Join our team of Cloud 9 VIP reviewers, once you are part of the team we will send you regular updates on new releases and product samples for testing. Simply let us know which products you are interested in testing, and submit your review.

    Cloud 9 Novelties Affilate Program

    Here’s How to Join the Cloud 9 VIP Sex Toy Review Club:

  • *Click on the following link, and complete your application
  • *We will determine which product to submit based on your interests/preferences
  • *Please complete your review in one month; try the product and submit the review to us via email.
  • Join Now, and Test New Cloud 9 Novelties Products At No Charge!!!

    Benefit from being a Cloud 9 Novelties affiliate and/or sex toy reviewer; we offer support in the form of custom web banners, images and videos for all products. Cloud Novelties also provides banners, text links, customizable links for your blog or web site. As a newly approved Sex Toy Reviewer we provide free samples for review

    Cloud 9 Novelties Affiliate Support:

  • *Data feed of all Cloud 9 Products
  • *Free Cloud 9 University for Training on new Products
  • *We keep you up to date on all of the newest releases
  • *Monthly Sale programs
  • *Free samples for approved Sex Toy Reviewers