Cloud 9 Novelties Launches 2 New Enema/Douche Products in Health & Wellness Line with Non-Back Flow Feature

Pennsauken - Cloud 9 Novelties is pleased to announce the addition of two new products in the Health & Wellness lineup -  the Non-Backflow Enema/Douche, and the Rechargeable Enema/Douche w/Sprinkler Pump and remote control.

Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Rechargeable Enema with Check Valve WTC926 from Cloud 9 Novelties on Vimeo.

WTC924 Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Premium Silicone Non-Backflow Enema Douche features two one-way check valves that prevent dirty water from flowing back into the enema bulb, thereby offering users contamination-free cleansing. 

The flexible nozzle bends with the body for comfort, and the silicone bulb is soft and easy-to-squeeze, perfect for those who suffer from arthritis and other mobility concerns. 

Along with the Non-Backflow Enema/Douche, Cloud 9 Novelties has also developed a new powered cleansing product, the WTC926 Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Rechargeable Enema/Douche w/Sprinkler Pump. 

This addition to the Health & Wellness line offers users a complete, powered cleansing experience. Like the Non-Backflow Enema/Douche product, the Rechargeable Enema/Douche contains a one-way check valve to prevent contamination, and offers users (3) cleaning speeds. The soft nozzle also features (5) holes for a 360° clean at the touch of a button - either on the unit itself, or with the included remote control. 

As an additional feature, the Rechargeable Enema/Douche also offers vibration settings, which takes cleansing time to a new, pleasurable level. 

“I’m excited about these new additions to the Health & Wellness line,” says Rachel M, Cloud 9 Novelties Sourcing. “Though the Fresh+ Collection of hygiene products is very popular, we felt that these new products really would do well in the Health & Wellness category, as they focus on making cleansing time as hygienic as possible with the addition of non-backflow check valves. And the Rechargeable Enema/Douche is a game-changer - not only does it have a pump that makes cleaning easier, it can be tilted at any angle and not stop working.”

Cloud 9 Novelties offers a fun, informative video on both of these new products featuring Dr. Sunny Rodgers, which can be found here on Vimeo. 

Along with Dr. Sunny’s educational video, Cloud 9’s Vimeo channel offers videos showing the Rechargeable Enema/Douche in action with a spin video  and a demo of the spray action. Retailers can also contact their preferred Cloud 9 Novelties’ distributor for high resolution images of these new products.