Health and Wellness Guide to Dildos and Pleasurable Penetration

Guide to Dildos and Pleasurable Penetration

Sex Ed with Kylie Jensen

Today’s Topic: Pleasurable Penetration using Cloud 9’s New Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos

Hi, I’m Kylie, and today we are going to dive into our Guide to Dildos and Pleasurable Penetration, as well as introduce you to Cloud 9’s New Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos.

The Popularity of Dildos

While vibrators may be the most popular type of sex toys ever invented, dildos are a close second and have even a longer history dating back to the caveman days around 30,000 years ago.

Today, we still enjoy dildos as a sexual aid for self-pleasure as well as couple play.  While you may think dildos were designed more for women, they are enjoyed by a wide variety of adults regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  Basically, anyone with a butt or a vagina can enjoy sexual penetration with a dildo.

Join me as we explore the fascinating history of dildos, its variety of uses, the different types including materials, as well as how to choose and use a dildo for your own sexual pleasure in the following Guide to Dildos and Pleasurable Penetration.

What is a Dildo?

A dildo is any type of sex toy that is specifically designed for penetration purposes, both vaginal and anal.  Most dildos feature a tapered head for easy penetration and a shaft. Some dildos have a curved shaft for G-spot or P-spot pleasure, while others are straight and long for deeper penetration.  Dildos come in many different styles from whimsical to realistic shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials. Some dildos include vibrating bullet as well for added stimulation.

History of Dildos

Source: Getty Images

As mentioned above, dildos have been around for a long, long time.  Ever since humans invented stone tools, they have also been fashioning phallic objects as well.  The earliest known sex toy ever found dates back 28,000 years ago. This phallus artifact, caved out of siltstone, is a 7.8 inch stone dildo called a “bâton de commandement” and was found in a cave in Germany.  Another chalk phallus, from a Neolithic hedge in Dorechster, England dates back to 2,500 B.C. during the Bronze Age.  While archeologists speculate that some of these artifacts may have been used as fertility symbols to help crops grow, or even magical items to ward off evil spirits, others believe the intended use for these objects are quite obvious and indeed were used for a sexual purpose.

Many “ice age batons” were carved from stone, bone or antler horn (Sweden 4,000 to 6,000 BC), however, a variety of the first dildos were made from a wide assortment of materials including tar, wood, breadsticks, un-ripe bananas, plantains, gourds and even dried camel dung coated in resin.  Throughout history other materials such as lacquered wood (China 15th century), glass dildos (1590s), as well as double dildos made of wood (19th century Zanzibar), cast bronze (Ancient China), and “eight-fingered leather dildos” (411 BC) were fashioned for sexual purposes.  Julius Caesar is said to have given Queen Cleopatra “an elaborately carved, gold inlaid penis sculpture,” perhaps for sexual fulfillment for when he was away from her. In ancient China, hollow cast bronze dildos that released liquid—an ancient form of the “squirting” dildo—have been discovered. These were used to service wealthy men’s numerous wives in order to “prevent them from resorting to lesbianism” .

It appears our ancient ancestors were no less imaginative than we are today and created dildos, (also called "olisbos" from Ancient Greek meaning to slip, glide) in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials designed for sexual pleasure.  The ancient Greeks even used leather and animal intestine over carved dildos for “a more natural feel” , texture and enhanced comfort, while ancient Italians made their dildos from leather and used olive oil as a lubricant.

During the Renaissance, dildos (or “fascinum” in Latin, “godemiche” in French and "diletto" from the Italian meaning "delight") were even more elaborate and used as a “fashion” accessory. In “Ornamentalism: The Art of Renaissance Accessories” dildos were described as being made of sewn velvet, thick congealed glass called “dildo glasses”, and were used to “renew a maid after childbirth”.  Lesbians also used dildos (or strap-ons) for the purposes of cross-dressing, urinating while standing, female marriage and anal sex.

Lavish gold and silver dildos and those intricately engraved with ivory were mentioned in the epic story "Arabian Nights" (1886).  In “the Sappho-an” cheap dildos could be made from carrots, parsnips and candles.  

Freud called dildos a “fetish”, or, a substitute for a penis.  However, the dildo was seen not only as a prosthetic body part, or appendage representing a penis, but an object of “pleasurable functions” in it own right and esteemed for their artistic designs.  In “Seigneur Dildoe” dildos are described as a new and exciting luxury commodity and fashionable accessory, while the strap-on with a braided belt was called a “fantastic new French Fashion…” despite it being worn beneath clothing.

Source: Museum of London

Many of these designer dildos were fashioned from fine materials like silk, satin and velvet then filled with bran or wax as well as leather, horn, wood or glass. Some even sported merkins or “pubic wigs”.  A few where very elaborate including an ivory dildo in the museum of London that is hollowed out and has a spring mechanism used to simulate ejaculation. Some society members even displayed their dildos as objects d’art.

During the industrial revolution in the 20th century, which provided many new technological advances, a new material was invented: Rubber.  The first rubber dildos have been traced back to the 1850s and they were being used in stag films by the 1930s and 40s.  Various derivatives of rubber are still used today to make dildos in the form synthetic rubber such as Elastomers, PVC, Latex, TPE/TPR, Vinyl, and Jelly Rubber.  In 1943 Silicone was first invented, but it wasn’t used in sex toy manufacturing until around 1975, when Gosnell Duncan created the first silicone dildos and sold them to a feminist sex toy shop in Manhattan called Eve's Garden.

These days dildos come in many shapes and sizes as well as materials.  Luckily for us, cow dung no longer plays a part in the manufacturing of dildos.  However, you may prefer it over some of the other chemical components that used to go into sex toys including carcinogenic phthalates and other funky chemicals. Not only are these materials possibly toxic to the body, they are also porous, which means they have microscopic holes that can harbour bacteria and STUs, which can’t be sterilized or disinfected.  Silicone is the only soft sex toy material that is completely body safe and can be sterilized.

Types of Dildos

There are many types of dildos designed to stimulate different erroneous zones.  These include:

G-spot Dildos:  These dildos have a curved shape, so they can hit the G-spot effectively.  Some P-spot dildos also feature this curved design.

Straight Dildos: Straight dildos are used for deeper penetration and to hit the A-spot and cervix for deeper, full-bodied orgasms.

Realistic Dildos: Realistic dildos are the most popular type of dildo, because they look and feel like the real thing.  Many realistic dildos also have suction cup bases for hands-free pleasure, like the Cloud 9 line of Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos.

Anal Probes:  Anal Probes are dildos that are longer than butt plugs, again designed for deeper penetration of the anus.  Some of these also have graduated bumps like anal beads for extra pleasure.

Strap-ons:  Strap-ons are dildos that are harness compatible and are used usually by women to penetrate their partners, including female to male penetration called pegging.  Some strap-on dildos are strapless and don’t require the use of a harness.

Double Dildos: Double dildos are popular in lesbian porn films and either feature double ends for dual stimulation of the anus and vagina simultaneously or provide double penetration for both partners to enjoy together.

Huge Dildos:  As the name suggests, these dildos are above average in size, both in girth and length for adults who enjoy the feeling of fullness or even being stretched during penetration.

Why Use a Dildo?

The obvious answer to this question is for sexual pleasure… on demand.  

For single adults, using a dildo can be a very satisfying way to masturbate and reach orgasm.  There are numerous erogenous zones in the vagina and anus that only penetration can stimulate.

For partnered couples, using a dildo together can enhance their sexual experience, and can also be a way to get sexual gratification without cheating, while their partner is away.

Using dildos can also replace fingering your partner when your hands, fingers and wrists get tired after long periods of sexual play.

For some men who have ED (erectile dysfunction), dildos can be a useful tool to fulfill their partner’s sexual needs.

Many women enjoy using dildos on their partners as well, including pegging and female to female sexual penetration.

In addition, variety is the spice of life, and that’s why dildos come in a large variety of sizes to suit everyone’s preferences.

Some people enjoy using dildos for oral sex.  It has been said that the throat is an erogenous zone, and some people can orgasm by deep throating.  Other people use dildos to practise their fellatio skills.

Finally, Packing Dildos are usually flaccid dildos worn with a harness that allow the user to experience a form of gender play.

What are the Benefits of Realistic Dildos?

As already mentioned, many people enjoy the life-like look and feel of a realistic dildo.  Realistic dildos carry more of a naughty, erotic charge that lots of adults enjoy. Plus, penises were designed to give pleasure: from the shape of the head, firmness of the erection and the bulging veins; all these factors aid in pleasuring internal erogenous zones.  In addition, the sculpted testicles on realistic dildos provide sensual stimulation of the clitoris or perineum during penetration as well.

Realistic dildos are flexible, yet firm.  This naturalistic design delivers stiff penetration that can bend to hit all the right spots.

Some realistic dildos also incorporate suction cup bases which allow the user to stick them to any hard, flat surface for hands-free enjoyment.  This also helps facilitate a variety of positions during solo play. Dildos with a suction cup base are also great for playing in the shower or tub.

Realistic dildos with testicles or a suction cup base are also harness compatible for those who enjoy strap-on play.  This wide base easily inserts inside the O-ring on a harness to secure it in place, so it stays where you want and is easier to yield during partner play.

How to Choose a Dildo

There are a few considerations you should think about before choosing a dildo.  These include:

Size: To begin with, size is one of the most important factors when choosing a dildo, as you want to make sure you have the right fit.  When considering length, think about the erogenous zone you want to pleasure. A shorter dildo will hit the G-spot better, while a longer dildo can reach the A-spot and cervix for deeper orgasms.  As far as girth goes, this is even more important, because you don’t want something too big that may chafe or cause discomfort. To measure for girth, you can insert as many fingers as you desire inside your vagina during masturbation.  Then measure the circumference around your fingers and you will get an approximate measurement for the size of girth best suited for you.

Shape: Shape is important depending on what area you would like to stimulate.  A G-spot dildo can’t be used for deeper penetration; however, a straight dildo can be used for G-spot pleasure if angled the correct way.

Firmness & Flexibility:  A rigid dildo made of glass, metal, wood or plastic will not bend but can offer the maximum amount of pressure during stimulation.  A firm dildo made of silicone or rubber is firm enough to give lots of stimulation, yet flexible enough to hit the right spots and can be used in various positions.

Use:  Use is also important.  What will you be using your dildo for?  Strap-on play? Solo play? Anal play or vaginal penetration?  Choose a dildo that is appropriate for the type of use you intend it for.

Variety:  Variety of use should also be considered.  Is the dildo going to be used for only one purpose, like a G-spot dildo, or do you want to use it for a variety of functions?  Dildos that provide multiple uses give you more bang for your buck.

Budget:  What is your budget range for your new toy?  How can you get the best product in your price range?

Quality:  Regardless of budget, quality is very important. There are cheaply made sex toys and very high-quality ones.  Usually the saying, “You get what you pay for,” tends to ring true. However, some sex toys are very over-priced as well, so staying within the mid-price-range is usually your best bet.  A good price range is between $25-$50 for a decent quality dildo. And, when it comes to quality, make sure the dildo you choose is body-friendly and can be properly cleaned and cared for.

Material:  When choosing a dildo, often, the type of material it is made from is what people consider most.  Continue below to find out the best materials for dildos.

The Best Materials for Dildos

Silicone:  Silicone is often the number one choice of material for high quality dildos.  Silicone is 100% body safe, so free from phthalates and other toxic chemicals.  They are non-porous so easy to clean and can be sterilized to remove harmful bacteria that can cause yeast infections or transmit STIs.  Firm yet flexible, silicone feels more like the real thing. Silicone can also be molded into various shapes with textured shafts created for pleasure.  Silicone dildos come in all sizes, shapes, as well as colors, including flesh colors that resemble real skin shades. Silicone is also a premium material so will last longer and hold its shape.  Many sexperts agree that silicone is the best material for dildos. The only drawback to silicone is that you can’t use it with silicone lubricants.

Other Soft Materials:  TPE/TPR is an elastomer/rubber type material.  While many are now phthalate-free, some still contain other chemicals which could be harmful to the body.  These types of toys are porous, which means they contain tiny pores that can hold bacteria and cannot be sterilized.  Cyberskin is also porous and has to be treated with a special powder to keep the toy in good condition. Jelly Rubber is not used as much in the sex toy industry anymore because it was known to contain phthalates, but even phthalate-free jelly dildos are porous, so not completely body-safe.

Hard Materials: Hard materials like glass, metal and ABS plastic are non-porous and body-safe. But they are also rigid and inflexible, so don’t conform to the body.  Plastic is a great material for vibrators because it resonates vibrations well. However, the major of dildo users prefer a softer material.

Care and Cleaning of Silicone Dildos

With any sex toy material, you will want to make sure you thoroughly wash it before and after every use.  Dildos can be washed in mild soap and water, or with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and lint-free cloth.  Keep in mind, even though you use an antibacterial cleaner, your toy will not be totally sterilized.

To sterilize silicone toys, you can soak them for 3-5 minutes in boiling water. Bring water to a boil, insert the toy, and remove from burner. Let stand in water up to 5 minutes.  Remove and lay to dry. You can also sterilize your silicone dildo with 10% bleach to water solution as well.

Another method for sanitizing your silicone dildo is to pop them on the top rack of your dishwasher for about 5 minutes by themselves on the Sanitize cycle, and they are ready to go.  Make sure you don’t use any detergent as this could cause irritation to your genitals.

Only use water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys.  Some hybrid water-based and silicone lube blends can be used with silicone toys, but you should test a small area first, like the base of the toy.  Silicone lubes can cause a reaction and can cause your toys to get sticky or melt.

Store your silicone toy separately in a plastic bag or a sex toy storage box.  This keeps them lint free and they can’t get cross-contaminated with other toys.

How to Use a Silicone Dildo: Top 10 Tips for Beginners

  1. Communication:  If you intend to use your new dildo during partner play, it is a good idea to talk about it with your partner first.  Whipping it out in the heat of the moment may intimidate your partner or even turn them off. While some people like surprises, this may not be the time or place.  See the “Tips for Talking About Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner” below.
  2. Clean Your Toy: Clean your toys before and after use using one of the methods above.  This is especially important if you are sharing your toys with others, and in that case, you will want to sterilize the toy in between uses.  In addition, always sterilize your dildo when switching from anal to vaginal play so you don’t bring bad bacteria into the vagina.
  3. Lube:  Lube is your best friend when it comes to dildo play.  Even if you are using a realistic material like silicone, sex toys tend to be a bit dry and can cause friction if not well lubricated before play.  Again, use only water-based lubes with silicone toys.
  4. Set the Mood:  Create a sensual atmosphere to turn on the senses.  Dim the lights, add some candles and sensual music, lock the door and create a sexy space that will heighten your pleasure.
  5. Foreplay:  Turn yourself or your partner on first before attempting penetration.  This means lots of foreplay to get you both in the mood. The more turned on you and your partner are, the better your pleasure and experience will be.
  6. Tease:  Tease the area you intend to penetrate first before going all in.  This means teasing and sliding the tip of the dildo over the vaginal opening or anus, to warm it up and allow it to open naturally to pleasure.  Don’t force the dildo inside!
  7. Go Slow:  Again, when penetrating yourself or your partner for the first time you will want to go slow and allow your body to adjust to the sensation.  The more you tease, the receptive your body will become as passion and desire builds inside of you.
  8. Experiment:  Try different angles to hit the various erogenous zones.  Experiment with depth, pressure, speed and rhythm. Change it up to allow for different sensations.
  9. Play:  Sex should be fun so don’t take it so seriously.  Be playful and adventurous, have fun and enjoy the ride!
  10. Practice Makes Perfect:  Your first time using a dildo may not be exactly as you imagined it would be.  It is important to have realistic expectations and to remember that wielding a dildo is a skill, just like anything else.  The more you experiment with dildo play, the better your experience will become. This gives you time to learn what your body or your partner likes best, so you can hone your skills for maximum results!

Tips for Talking About Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner

  • Make Time for Meaningful Conversation
  • Don’t Assume You Know What Your Partner is Thinking
  • Ask Questions
  • Be Honest About Your Boundaries
  • Practice Active Listening
  • Take Turns Expressing Your Desires
  • Compliment Each Other on What Your Like
  • Don’t Judge Your Partner
  • Don’t Pressure Your Partner into Doing Something They Don’t Want to Try
  • Give Your Partner Time to Think About a New Activity Before They Answer
  • Use “I” Statements and Take Responsibilities for Your Own Emotions
  • Keep the Conversation Light and Playful
  • Remember That Open Communication Leads to Greater Intimacy

The Best Dildo Techniques for Vaginal Penetration

There are many ways you can use a dildo for vaginal pleasure.  Here are some expert techniques for dildo play that you can start using right away.

Foreplay and the Clitoris

As mentioned above, begin with foreplay and other types of sensual arousal before moving into penetration.  This can include kissing, fondling, oral sex, breast play and fingering. Fingering is a great way to prepare the vagina for dildo play, as it allows her to get turned on and used to penetration before using something larger.  And, don’t forget about the clitoris! With over 8000 nerve endings all designed specifically for pleasure, the clitoris is key to many women’s sexual arousal.

Warm Up: Vulva Slide

When she is ready for dildo play, begin by lubing up the head of the dildo with a generous amount of lube.  Next, gently rub the head of the dildo over her clitoris, then down over the vaginal opening. Slide the head of the dildo up and down over her many erogenous zones located in the vulva in a slow, sensual manner to build desire and prepare her for penetration.

Small Shallow Strokes

After she has warmed up and is opening for pleasure, you can use short, shallow dips inside the vagina so she can get used to penetration.  Remember that the vagina’s outer one third contains more sensitive nerve endings than the rest of the vaginal canal, especially the G-spot which is 2-3 inches inside.  So, small, shallow strokes may be all she needs to have an explosive orgasm.  Just because a dildo may be long in length, doesn’t mean you need to insert the whole thing to reach her hottest erogenous zones.

Sexy Circles

Instead of stroking, you can also use slow, sexy circles using the head of the dildo to stimulate all around the walls of the vagina.

Come Hither Strokes

Come hither strokes are perfect for G-spot arousal.  Again, use short, shallow strokes to press straight inside, then bend the tip of the dildo up as you pull out, so it presses into the upper wall where the G-spot resides.

Rock and Roll

While we often think a penis or dildo is used for just straight penetration or thrusting, a dildo can also be rocked up and down, rather than in and out.  This type of motion presses into the G-spot, which it tends to respond to more than straight thrusting, as you pump the dildo into your G-spot applying firm pressure.

Twist and Turn

The Twist and Turn technique is similar to circles, except you twist and turn left, and then right, while using slow, deeper strokes.

A-Spot Stroke

Besides the G-spot, there are two more erogenous zones to be aware of inside the vagina that can give women amazing orgasms.  One of them is the A-spot, which is a part of the AFE zone. This spot resides deeper, at the back of the vagina, just before the cervix.  It is a little ridge and groove on the upper wall of the vagina (belly side). The doctor who discovered it claims that when properly stimulated, it can produce multiple orgasms and make the vagina gush with fluids.

The A-Spot Stroke is similar to the Rock and Roll, except you are going deeper into the vagina, to hit the A-spot, while thrusting up to hit the groove, then dragging back along the G-spot when you pull out.  

Deep Spot Caress

The other erogenous zone, deep at the back of the vaginal canal is the cervix.  Some women find this spot extremely orgasmic, while others will not like it being touched at all.  When stimulating this area, it is usually best to go slow, using sensual, and gentle strokes, like a slow tapping, rubbing or caress.  However, some women may enjoy deeper, stronger pressure, and even a harder bump and grind.

Deep Thrusting

While some women like a gentler approach, other women enjoy greater stimulation, with deeper thrusting into the cervix, stronger pressure and a harder bump and grind.  This gives them a feeling as if the cervix itself is being penetrated, which can be very arousing.


They say variety is the spice of life.  That is especially true with sex as well.  So, don’t just learn one technique and stick to it.  Try to vary strokes, speeds, rhythm and pressure to keep it interesting and so you don’t numb one area but vary the pleasure throughout her vagina.

Introducing Cloud 9 Novelties Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos

Feels Like the Real Thing! Extremely Lifelike Design.

The Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos features a realistic design from the tip of the head to base, for the ultimate natural look and life-like silky feel.

The Pro Sensual Realistic Dildos Series features something for everyone including:

  • 12 Dildos in the Series
  • 3 popular colors: Flesh, Tan and Brown.
  • 4 basic sizes: 6”, 7”, 8”, and 9”

The Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos from Cloud 9 Novelties are a series of premium sex toys made of the highest-grade Platinum Silicone.

These ultra-realistic dildos are:

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  • Non-Porous and Easy to Clean
  • Can be Sterilized, Boiled and Bleached
  • Come with a 1 Year Warranty
  • Include 3 Bonus Cock Rings: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Include 3 Bonus Cock Rings: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Harness Compatible for Strap-on Play

The Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos from Cloud 9 Novelties are odorless dongs that feel real made of Platinum Silicone.  Sized and shaped perfectly, these realistic dongs can quickly bring you to orgasm! Perfect for both anal and vaginal play.

These ultra-realistic dildos are built for pleasure from the silky-smooth rounded head, to the long thick shaft, and pronounced life-like scrotum.  The penis-shaped head is rounded for a realistic feel and easy insertion. Firm, yet flexible, the shaft bends to fit your body’s unique erogenous zones for ultimate pleasure.  The realistic design with penis-shaped tip and stimulating veined texture, provides extra sensation. The powerful suction cup base sticks to most surfaces making it great for sex in the shower or tub, for hands-free fun.  Stick to any flat surface for multiple positions. The harness compatible base makes this dildo perfect for strap-on play and pegging. The wide base also makes this dildo safe for anal play as well.

This silky silicone dildo is completely body safe, as well as hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and completely non-toxic. Made from non-porous, hypoallergenic silicone, which is easy to clean and completely safe for people with sensitive skin or severe allergies.

To clean boil for 2 minutes, place it in your dishwasher top rack, or wash with soap and water. Use only with water based personal lubricant. Comes with 1 year warranty.  Available in Flesh, Tan and Brown and 4 basic sizes from 6”-9”.

The Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos from Cloud 9 Novelties comes with 3 Bonus Cloud 9 silicone cock rings. They are comfortable and made specifically for your safety and hygiene during intimate play. You can use Cloud 9 cock rings individually or together. Bonus cock rings include a 30-day consumer warranty.  


The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo products come in an elegantly designed, eye-catching luxury box, that fully showcases the toy, so you can see the exact size, shape and design, in order to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Our unique, easy to understand packaging is consumer friendly, and has a simple icon system that is clear and easy to read so that you can find exactly the right product for your needs.  

Don’t Forget the Lube!

When purchasing sex toys that are designed for penetration, you will also want to invest in a good quality lubricant.  

Cloud 9 Novelties Paraben Free Water Based Personal Lubricant is safe to use on any sex toy material.  This premium personal lubricant is thick, gentle, feels silky on the skin and is long lasting, so perfect for anal use.  It is recommended not to use silicone lubricant on silicone toys.

Cloud 9 Fresh Triclosan-free Premium Toy Cleaner is Eco-friendly and Triclosan-free.  This Premium Toy Cleaner is powerful enough to clean surface bacteria. It safely disinfects all personal products and is water soluble. Safe for all types of materials from plastic to rubber and silicone. Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with spray on cleaner. Our unique Cloud 9 agent gently cleans and protect, yet it is mild enough to use every time. Packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle with a sealed cap.

Strap-on Harness Compatible

The Pro Sensual Realistic Silicone Dildos from Cloud 9 Novelties are also harness compatible, so go perfectly with The Dominate Me Harness.  This unisex harness has adjustable nylon straps for one size fits most comfortable sizing, fitting up to a 65-inch waist and a 37-inch leg.

The snap front dildo pad allows you to easily and quickly snap your favorite dildo into place, and can accommodate most standard sizes, with 3 different sized O-rings (included). The nylon front pad is made of foam for added comfort when thrusting. This universal harness fits all standard dildo types including the Pro Sensual Realistic Series. A bullet vibrator is included for increased sensation which conveniently fits into the pocket on the harness.


I hope you enjoyed our Guide to Dildos and Pleasurable Penetration today!  Until next time, this is Sex Ed with Kylie Jensen.

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