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Today’s Topic: G-spot Pleasure using Cloud 9’s New Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit – Music & Voice Activated

Sex Ed with Kylie

Hi, I’m Kylie, and today we are going to learn all about G-spot pleasure, as well as introduce you to Cloud 9’s New Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit, the newest edition to the Cloud 9 family of products.

Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit

Many women and couples are interested in exploring the pleasure of the G-spot erogenous zone as a new way for women to achieve orgasmic pleasure.

The key to building your G-spot toy sales is to make sure that you and your customers are educated on G-spot pleasure, so they can learn how to arouse the G-spot for greater ecstasy and full-bodied orgasms.


While we have come along way since the invention of the vibrator, female pleasure and orgasm still remains somewhat of a mystery.

The most recent study in 2017,[i] has provided some stimulating statistics on the subject.  It found that:

  • 6% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm
  • 36% of women didn’t need clitoral stimulation, but found it did make orgasms better
  • 4% of women can orgasm via vaginal penetration alone

So, what does that mean?

While clitoral stimulation is important or preferred for most women to achieve orgasm, vaginal penetration or g-spot arousal can enhance pleasure and make orgasms better, as well as lead to blended or combination orgasms.


A blended orgasm is an orgasm that results from combined stimulation of both the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously.  This type of orgasm is usually longer lasting, felt deeper in the body, more powerful and can result in continuous waves of orgasmic pleasure, rather than the quick tension and release peaks of a clitoral orgasm.


female sexuality

When a woman experiences a clitoral orgasm, it is because only the tip (glans) of the clitoris is being stimulated, which is that tiny nub that is visible at the top of the vulva.  Many people are not aware, however, that the clitoris is a much larger structure and goes deep beneath the vulva, like a wishbone, with the clitoral glans being the joint where the two bones connect.  The legs of the clitoris are like the bones of the wishbone and extend down the sides of the vulva internally and surround the vaginal opening.

When a woman becomes aroused, this clitoris swells with erectile tissue, including the tissue in the area where the g-spot is located.  Together, the clitoris and g-spot make up the female erectile network and are responsible for mind-blowing orgasms.  That is why combining clitoral and g-spot stimulation is one of the best ways for women to obtain more powerful orgasms.


What is the G-spot?

What is the g-spot?  That seems to be the burning question these days surrounding female pleasure.  Does the g-spot even exist?  While some researchers insist that the g-spot is merely fabricated like a whimsical Unicorn, many researchers and sexologists have done studies that support the existence of the g-spot and validate women’s experiences.[ii]


The g-spot was first named after German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg.  It is associated with the male prostate gland and said to be a part of the urethral sponge[iii].  It is an erogenous zone located 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front (anterior) wall.  Stimulation of this area can lead to powerful orgasms and sometimes female ejaculation, in some women.


Does Every Woman Have a G-spot?

That’s like asking if every woman has a nose.  Yes, “most” women have a g-spot unless for some quirk of nature she was born without one or lost it due to injury or surgery.  Just like all men have a prostate gland, as women, we are all anatomically the same to varying degrees.

Where it is located inside the vagina could vary, and for some women it may be very hard to find.  This is because a woman needs to be very turned on in order to find the g-spot in the first place, and she needs to enjoy g-spot stimulation, or it may not feel very pleasurable to her.  Some women like their clitoris stimulated directly, while other women can’t stand it due to sensitivity.  The same is true for the g-spot and every woman will experience sexual stimulation and pleasure differently.


G-spot orgasms are similar to combination or blended orgasms in that they feel deeper, stronger, more intense and last longer than clitoral orgasms.  Some women say they feel “oceanic” or watery, like intense undulating waves of pleasure that flood them with ecstasy.  G-spot orgasms can result in female ejaculation, also called squirting.  But, squirting can also occur without orgasm as well, and via other types of stimulation including clitoral.


How to Find the G-spot?

The g-spot can be stimulated with fingers, a penis, or a sex toy.  Remember, it is only 1-2 inches inside of the vagina, so penetration does not need to be very deep.  It is located on the upper wall inside of the vagina, just above the Mound of Venus and below the belly button.  If you made an upside-down triangle with your thumbs and pointer fingers pointing down towards your pubic bone from your belly button (Yoni Mudra), it would be the area where your fingertips point.

Internally, if you feel inside the vagina on the top wall, there is an area that feels different than the surrounding tissue which is smooth like the insides of your cheeks.  The g-spot area will feel wrinkled or pruney like a deflated balloon.  Once stimulated and after which a woman becomes very aroused, the g-spot will swell and become more puffy.  That’s the spot!


The best way to try out any new sexual activity is to explore to find out what you like.  This often means exploring solo via masturbation, often with the aid of a toy designed for that purpose.  The reason you may want to explore solo is that you don’t have to worry about performing, or what you may look like, whether or not you may even like it, as well as unexpected reactions or emotions.  The importance of solo exploration is to not be goal oriented, but just to explore, try different things, take your time and enjoy the journey and what you learn from it.  That can be harder to do with a partner.

Many experts agree that using a toy to aid in stimulation when trying a new sexual activity is very beneficial as well.  This is certainly true of g-spot exploration, because it is a lot easier to use a g-spot toy designed for hitting that spot, than it is to use your own fingers.  While you may want to start with your fingers to feel around and find the g-spot, after you do, you can then switch to a toy which will give you a better reach and aid in stamina, so your arm and wrist don’t become fatigued.


G-spot Play

  1. First, make sure you warm yourself up with some self-loving foreplay.  Do whatever normally turns you on and when you feel very aroused, then you can start to explore your g-spot.
  2. Make sure your hands are clean, nails are trimmed with no rough edges (or wear gloves) and feel around inside of the vagina to find your g-spot on the top belly side.
  3. Once you have found it, just explore what it feels like: both the shape, size, a texture of it, and how it feels to touch it.
  4. The g-spot has a head, body and tail.  The head starts at the vaginal opening, the body is the wrinkly part that swells, and the tail is the innermost part that ends in a hump.  The tail is where your fingers would curl around in a “come hither” movement and is usually where you would feel the most sensation.[iv]  Stroke all over of the g-spot and feel which areas are most stimulating to you. Try different types of strokes: rubbing, circles, prodding, pressing, squeezing, and note which ones feel best.
  5. Once you are more aroused, have explored lots of different strokes and have an idea of what you might like, now you can transition to your toy.  Try rubbing, stroking, applying pressure, and then adding vibration to see what types of touch feel best.  Again, go slow, and take your time to feel into it, and allow yourself to identify the sensations you are feeling.  This is all going to be new to you, so some sensations may feel alien or weird at first and not even pleasurable until you pursue them more.
  6. Some sensations you may feel as your g-spot awakens are: strange tingling; filling with pressure; feeling like you need to pee; electric jolts of energy in your thighs, calves or feet; a feeling of elation or euphoria; dizziness; an urge to cry, laugh or other sudden emotion; or other strange feelings and sensations all over your body.  Again, these may feel peculiar at first, but keep going with what feels right and exploring, and soon these sensations should become pleasurable.
  7. At some point you may feel like you are going to explode, or orgasm.  This may feel like a dam building inside of you about to burst, accompanied by heightened sensations of ecstasy and pleasure.  Allow yourself to continue to go with the flow.  Remember to breathe deeply and allow the orgasmic energy to circulate through your body.  Let your body relax and let go.  You can use your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) to push out with each exhale, to push you over the edge into orgasm.  If that happens, awesome!  You have just experienced a g-spot orgasm!  If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine too. Sometimes it takes a few tries to go over the edge into orgasm.  The most important thing is that you explored and learned more about how your body responds to that type of stimulation.


When exploring the g-spot, here are some expert tips to keep in mind.

female masturbation

  • Make sure you are really turned on first. The g-spot will remain elusive until you are aroused.
  • Use lots of the lube. The juicer you feel the better.
  • Place a towel under your butt in case your ejaculate.
  • Go slow, remember to breathe deep.
  • Rock your hips and push out with your PC muscle in a rhythm that matches your breathing.
  • The g-spot enjoys pressure, so try pressing into the tail, and then rubbing along the body towards the front of the vagina in continuous strokes. You can also prod the body of the g-spot rhythmically.
  • Rock your g-spot toy up and down, applying pressure, rather than going in and out.
  • Relax, let go and surrender to pleasure.
  • Do what feels right to you.
  • Vocalize if you feel you need to: moan, cry, scream. This helps circulate sexual energy.
  • Don’t be overly goal-orientated. Enjoy the journey for its own sake and see what happens.
  • Be curious and have open expectations.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t orgasm the first time. Practice makes perfect.


female ejaculation

Female ejaculation happens when a woman is very turned on and often involves stimulation of the g-spot.  However, some women can ejaculate via clitoral stimulation or by some other means as well.  Ejaculation can and usually does occur simultaneously with orgasm.  But, women can experience orgasm without ejaculation and ejaculation without orgasm.  While related, ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things, just like it is in men.

Some women squirt naturally during stimulation or penetration, whereas other women may need to learn how to accomplish this. Being able to orgasm and ejaculate simultaneously often takes practice and the ability to let go and surrender. Women who are in tune with their body or have great body awareness and acceptance may also find it much easier.  In other words, they don’t worry about how they look or sound, and can simply let go.

Some women may fear that their ejaculate is urine, which could stop them from ejaculation.  Or, they may not feel comfortable with their body sexually, may not have explored their sexual potential enough, may have issues with letting go, or sharing openly with a partner.

Then there are some women who may never experience ejaculation or g-spot orgasm for one reason or another, or may not find they want to, or may find it doesn’t give them pleasure or may even feel uncomfortable.  Some women may even experience pain when exploring the g-spot which could be due to vaginitis or body armouring.

While the g-spot can be amazing to explore for many women and couples, it is not for everyone.  So, don’t put pressure on yourself to have to like it if you don’t. We all experience pleasure differently and that is the great thing about being you and unique!

And, if you did squirt, there is nothing to be ashamed about.  Female ejaculate is not urine[v] (although it may contain small traces of urine) and is natural.  In ancient times female ejaculate was worshipped as Amrita, the divine nectar of the Gods!


With the increase in popularity of g-spot arousal, many women and couples want to learn this exotic pleasure and broaden their sexual horizons.  Many sexual health experts agree that the best way to learn about g-spot stimulation is with a specifically designed toy first during solo play.  That way, individuals can explore g-spot stimulation at their leisure, without worrying about performance, goals or other distractions that enables them to tune into their body and learn what type of pleasure it likes.

This gives you, the sales representative, the opportunity to educate the consumer about g-spot pleasure and how they can use g-spot vibrators to explore this new exciting activity.


G-spot VibratorShape of Toy

G-spot toys have a distinct shape.  Most feature a long, curved shaft with a flat or bulbous head.

The curved shaft is to enable the user to hit the spot easier, while the flat or bulbous head stimulates more surface area for greater arousal.

Dual purpose toys, or Rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously to enable the user to achieve blended orgasms.

These toys feature a longer curved shaft for the g-spot, and a shorter thumb-like shaft to stimulate the clitoris.


vibrators for G-spotFor any vibrator, vibration is a very important consideration.  Single speed doesn’t often cut it anymore in our world of multiple buzzing, stroking, tingling, throbbing, pulsating, gyrating, rotating, escalating, osculating fun.

We want our vibrators advanced with multiple functions and pleasure options.  So, make sure to look for vibrators with various options.

Another significant factor is power. The best-selling vibrators on the market tend to be the most powerful, so having multiple speeds settings from low to high is also a key feature.

Ease of use when it comes to controlling the vibration settings is very important while you are playing.  Having separate on/off buttons as well as buttons that turn the power up and down could make the difference between a frustrating or fulfilling orgasmic experience.


When purchasing a vibrator, you should also think about material. You want something that is body-safe, phthalate free and easy to clean.  For g-spot vibrators, a firmer core is preferable as the g-spot likes firm pressure, while a soft outer material that feels more flesh like is a desirable texture.  Silicone is one of the best sex toy materials because it is body-safe, easy to clean, phthalate free, and firm yet softly textured.


ergonomic handle

Design is often overlooked when purchasing a sex toy, but having a quality design is very important, as you want something that is long lasting, well-crafted and won’t smash or break apart easily.  Also, the quality of the motor should be considered as that will decide the power of the vibrator and its durability.

An ergonomic handle is an added bonus as well, especially for g-spot arousal because it can be a difficult area to get to comfortably due to the angle and it can also be labor intensive.  Having a well shaped handle takes the stress on the hands and wrists while trying to position the toy to your best advantage.


Introducing Cloud 9 Novelties Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit

Introducing the Cloud 9 Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit, the latest toy in the Cloud 9 family of products.

Cloud 9 Novelties Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit

Voice Activated

Voice Activated vibratorNot only is this toy uniquely designed to hit both the g-spot and clitoris for powerful, body-quaking blended orgasms, but the Voice Touch has a very special feature as well!

Voice Touch, is the voice activated music vibrator that also vibrates in sync to music or the sound of a lover’s voice. The Voice Touch Controlled Rabbit features voice control technology and 10 additional vibration functions. With the sound of your voice or ambient music, this audio is transferred to pulsating waves of vibration.

Orgasm to your favorite music, or a lover’s voice.  Voice Touch creates highly erotic vibrations following the rhythms of sound allowing you to experiment with different sensations and pulsations according to voice or favorite music. A responsive indicator light pulsates as sound is transferred to your vibrating pleasure. This dual purpose vibrator can be used with or without voice activation.


Voice Activated sex toy

Dual Motors for Pleasure
10 Vibration functions- pleasure patterns
Ergonomic curve for G Spot
Flexible G Spot
Phthalate free Body Safe Silicone
Lighted sound indicator during use
Sensitive microphone for voice or music
Dual use with or without audio feature


Insertable length 4 inches
Overall Length – 8 inches including handle
Weight in Grams 143 .360 lb
Battery Operated AAA x 2, operates up to 60 minutes
Available in Teal and Purple



Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit

The Cloud 9 Novelties Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit products come in an elegantly designed, eye-catching luxury box, that fully showcases the toy so the customer can see the exact size, shape and design, in order to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Voice Touch G Spot Rabbit packaging

Our unique, easy to understand packaging is consumer friendly, and has a simple icon system that is clear and easy to read so that the consumer can find exactly the right product for their needs.


In order to maximize the potential of your store, the customer’s shopping experience needs to be the highest quality possible. A number of things contribute to this, including upselling.

Customers who purchase g-spot products may also be interested in other essential upsell and cross sell products.  Don’t forget to introduce your customers to the industry essentials of add-ons such as toy cleaner, condoms, lubes, anal douches and cleaning systems.  They may not be aware of these other products, so this is a great opportunity to educate them.  Adding a simple add-on at the register will help to build your average sales ticket.

upsell products

Cloud 9 Novelties Paraben Free Water Based Personal Lubricant is safe to use on any sex toy material.  This premium personal lubricant is thick, gentle, feels silky on the skin and is long lasting, so perfect for anal use.  It is recommended not to use silicone lubricant on silicone toys.

Cloud 9 Fresh Triclosan-free Premium Toy Cleaner is Eco-friendly and Triclosan-free.  This Premium Toy Cleaner is powerful enough to clean surface bacteria. It safely disinfects all personal products and is water soluble. Safe for all types of materials from plastic to rubber and silicone. Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with spray on cleaner. Our unique Cloud 9 agent gently cleans and protect, yet it is mild enough to use every time. Packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle with a sealed cap.