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Today’s Topic: Clitoral Stimulation using Cloud 9 Air Touch III
It is widely reported that the majority of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. Clitoral stimulation occurs during an increased blood flow to the genital area, which, in turn, can create more sexually stimulating encounters.
But for women who may find achieving orgasm difficult even with the best clitoral stimulation such as fingers, orally or by using a vibrating sex toy, a comfortable solution may be with a compact device that provides both a sucking and blowing sensation directly onto the clitoris. The purpose of this type of stimulating toy known as Cloud 9’s Air Touch III, is to increase the sensation of the clitoris by providing silent, non-vibrating stimulation which gently increases blood flow to the clitoris.
Sex Ed with Kylie Clitoral Stimulation Air Touch
Cloud 9’s Pro Sensual Air Touch III is for those who want a strong yet delicate wisp of air to carry them to the next level. Easy to hold in one’s palm, the amazing Cloud 9 Air Touch technology provides gentle stimulation of the clitoris and has 12 independent functions of speed and strength. Made of high-quality silicone with easy to use controls, the rechargeable Air Touch III can be used for exciting nipple stimulation for any gender as well.
With the Air Touch III’s unique design and versatility to use both clitorally and on nipples, the Air Touch can be displayed in several departments in your store. In a lingerie section, it can be displayed near other nipple stimulating creams, etc. as a conversation starter to share what a wonderful and gentle yet powerful Air Touch toy is.
Air touch clitoral suction
Perhaps suggest the Air Touch III to expectant women to prepare them for breastfeeding by using the many speeds and strengths. The versatility of the Air Touch III can also allow it to be used for genital stimulation after childbirth.Most importantly, the Air Touch III can also be used for clitoral stimulation no matter how sensitive she may be. View the entire product line here