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News — Cloud 9 Swirl Touch

New Cloud 9 Swirl Touch in Stock for Orders

Cloud 9 Swirl Touch Cloud 9 Swirl Touch Vibrator Swirling Vibrator

One of the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing a Vibrator is the angle and flexibility design of the toy, Cloud 9 Novelties offers (4) distinct designs Contorl the Pulsing Vibration or Swirling Feature (9) Vibration and Swirling Patterns to control Enjoy the intense pleasure of simultaneous clitoral and G Stimulation-spot stimulation with the swirling tip and vibration. You can control the you can control the vibrator's pulses, thanks to its nine speeds and vibrations patterns. Ergomnic Sleek Angled Handle for Pinpoint Plaement Contoured Handle for Easy Grip and Pinpoint pleasure placement Designed with a slight angle at...

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