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News — Clitoral Suction and Orgasm

Learn All About Clitoral Suction From Kylie Jensen

Air Touch Cloud 9 Clitoral Stimulation Clitoral Suction and Orgasm Cloud 9 Novelties Air Touch How to Stimulate the Clitoris with a Vibrator Vibrator Clitoral Stimulaiton

Learn All About Clitoral Suction From Kylie Jensen

Sex Ed with Kylie Jensen Today’s Topic: Clitoral Stimulation using Cloud 9 Air Touch III It is widely reported that the majority of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. Clitoral stimulation occurs during an increased blood flow to the genital area, which, in turn, can create more sexually stimulating encounters. But for women who may find achieving orgasm difficult even with the best clitoral stimulation such as fingers, orally or by using a vibrating sex toy, a comfortable solution may be with a compact device that provides both a sucking and blowing sensation directly onto the clitoris. The purpose of...

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